• TurboSep© Next Generation Filtration

TurboSep© Industrial Filtration

TurboSep© employs a rotary filter that moves through the water, as opposed to moving the liquid across the filter.  Consequently, it does not build up cake and uses far less energy.

The process is highly effective at separating two-phase liquids, such as oil and water.  It can also remove suspended solids from the sub-nanometer range and above, regardless of the nature of the feed water.

How it Works?

TurboSep© rotational disks create friction, centrifugal force and pressure gradients. This unique combination allows for the separation of particles from the effluent, or fluids of different specific gravities. Unlike conventional filters the materials being removed do not remain in or on the filter, but move to the bottom, for rejection. The separator can separate four phase flows simultaneously and continuously within a single system.

Does not depend on filter cake buildup

Does not require replacement cartridges or back pulsing

Removes a wide range of particles from a variety of liquids

Separates liquids

Concentrates filtrates

Can operate in corrosive or non-corrosive environments

Operates at low pressures

Requires minimal energy

Can be operated automatically, with no attending labor

Multiyear lifespan