• TurboCoag© Electrocoagulation

TurboCoag© Electrocoagulation can effectively remove multiple contaminates with a single system minimizing equipment costs, space, and time.

When compared to traditional water treatment systems that require several types of equipment or chemicals to remove suspended solids, heavy metals, and biological contaminants from water, TurboCoag© can do it all within one system.

Our broad-spectrum treatment utilizes methods that precipitate out large quantities of multiple contaminants in one operation.


TurboCoag© Electrocoagulation is...

- Easy to Maintain

- Eco Friendly

- Cost-Effective

On average, TurboCoag© is capable of treating up to 72,000 gallons per day per reactor while rapidly removing up to 99% of heavy metals, suspended solids and biological contaminants from water.


It Began 5 Years Ago...

With a passion dedicated to preserving and enhancing the world’s water resources by developing a novel solution to cleaning contaminated water.

  • Now, It's Here!

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